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Day 1 (Friday)

Bishkek Karool-Dobo (150 km)

Meet with the driver and guide. Transfer to Chon-Kemin National park to Karool-Dobo village or to Naryn region to Doboluu village (420 km). Dinner and accommodation at the local family in the village.

Day 2 (Saturday)


Breakfast. Visit farm. Meet with the farmer who is growing fish (rainbow trout) in the village. Help to the Farmer and then fishing at the farm. Lunch.

You have several additional possible activities in the afternoon.

- Continue fishing

- Half a day horse riding

- Optionally bread-baking in Tandyr - a traditional oven

Accommodation and dinner at the local family in the village.

Day 3 (Sunday)

Karool-Dobo Bishkek (150 km)

Breakfast. Transfer to Bishkek. On the way visit ruins on the ancient city Balasagyn and Burana Tower, the remains of Karakhanid's empire in Central Asia. Arrival in Bishkek. End of the service.

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