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BIO farmers in Jalal-Abad

Season: June October

Farmers location: Jalal-Abad Region, Sothern part of Kyrgyzstan

Size of the group: min - 2 pax, max 12 pax

Duration: 13 days


Day 1


AM. Arrival in Bishkek early in the morning. Transfer to a hotel. Rest. Lunch.

PM. City tour around Bishkek with visiting Panfilov Park where children can play. A visit to elm grove where there is an entertainment with outdoor life. Visiting central museum. Dinner in open-air caf with swimming pool. Overnight stay in the Asia Montains hotel.

(Altitudes during the day 800 m in Bishkek)

Day 2

Bishkek Osh (flight)

Morning Transfer to airport. Morning flight to Osh. Visiting Suleyman mount, the house of Babur - son of Great Timur. Lunch in Osh. Transfer to a village where you will stay and work in the field. Meeting with farmers. Tourists stay with farmers families who is growing BIO products in a village. Dinner. Overnight stay in the houses of selected farmers.

Depends of the month of summer season BIO farmers growing different types of BIO agricultural products and you will have a chance to collects such products.

For June groups you will stay with farmers which growing BIO cucumbers.

For July groups you will stay with farmers which growing BIO tomatoes or chick pies.

For August groups you will stay with farmers which growing BIO corn.

For September-October groups you will stay with farmers which growing BIO cotton.

(Altitudes during the day about 800 m in Jalal-Abad region)

Days 3-6

Farmer village (150 km)

You will be accommodated in the family for all days. Every day volunteer work of the tour participants together with local farmers. The fieldwork will be in the morning. In summer time children have summer holidays, they love to play football, volleyball and they will welcome your children to play together with them. Adults can cook the dinner. During the free time in the afternoon participants optionally can have half a day excursions to walnuts forest or to mountains. Local farmers will organize meal during each day.

Last evening will be farewell dinner together with farmers.

(Altitudes during the day about 800 m in Jalal-Abad region)

Day 7

Farmer village - Suusamyr Valley (400 km)

Breakfast. Transfer to Chichkan gorge / Suusamyr. Road goes along the biggest water reservoir Toktogulskoe to the valley Suusamyr. You will have a good view for the Suusamyr Valley and meet with shepherds who stay in mountains. Picnic for lunch. Short walking excursion in mountains before dinner (2 hours). Accommodation and dinner in the guesthouse in Chichkan or Suusamyr.

(Altitudes during the day about 800 m in Jalal-Abad region, highest point is about 3500 on Alabel pass, 2800 m in Chichkan or 3000 m in Suusamyr guesthouse)

Day 8

Suusamyr Kokomeren Kochkor (280 km)

AM. Breakfast. Transfer to Kochkor. The road goes along picturesque Kokomeren River. A picnic on the bank of the river. Half-day excursion to the mountains. It is possible to have fly-fishing in the river. Upon arrival dinner and accommodation in Kochkor village.

(Altitudes during the day 2800 m in Chichkan or 3000 m in Suusamyr guesthouse and end of day is 1750 m in Kochkor)

Day 9

Kochkor Issyk-Kul (200 km)

Breakfast. Visit the felt carpet workshop, where you together with your family will make a felt carpet, using your fantasy, and you can take it with you back home. Transfer to the Southern shore of Issyk-Kul. Accommodation in the private guesthouse in Tamga or artist family guesthouse in Bokonbaevo. You can relax and swim on the beach. Free time before dinner.

(Altitudes during the day 1750 m in Kochkor and in the end of day is 1600m in Issyk-Kul)

Day 10


Breakfast. Full day in Issyk-Kyl. You have several possible activities for this day.

- Visiting canyon Fairytale for hiking excursion.

- Swimming on the lake.

- Visiting house of eagle hunter.

- Excursion to the holly place Manjily Ata with many mineral springs.

Lunch as picnic. Accommodation and dinner in the guesthouse in Tamga or Bokonbaevo.

(Altitudes during the day 160 m in Issyk-Kul)

Day 11

Issyk-Kul Chon-Kemin (250 km)

After breakfast transfer to Chon-Kemin National park, where you will be accommodated in the nice mountainous guesthouse. On the way, hiking excursion to the canyon Konorchek in Boom gorge. Accommodation and dinner in the guesthouse Ashuu.

(Altitudes during the day 1600m in Issyk-Kul and in the end of day is about 1800 m in Chon-Kemin)

Day 12

Chon-Kemin Bishkek (150 km)

Breakfast. Half-day hiking excursion to mountains. You can meet local shepherds during the hiking and learn about life of Kyrgyz nomads. Optionally possible to have horse riding. You will cook your lunch in the open air. After lunch, transfer to Bishkek (150 km). Visiting on the way one place of the Great Silk Road - the Burana Tower (11th century) the remains of Karakhanid's empire in Central Asia. Farewell dinner in the local restaurant. Overnight stay in the hotel.

(Altitudes during the day 1800 m in Chon-Kemin and in the end of day is 800m in Bishkek)

Day 13


Transfer to the airport early in the morning. Fly home.

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